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Our Pool Services 

In return for all the enjoyment a swimming pool offers, a pool does require regular maintenance.  

To keep your pool clean, the pool filter system should run for at least eight hours every day and debris such as leaves and bugs should also be removed from the surface of the pool water with a skimmer.  

In addition, a swimming pool will need to be brushed and vacuumed and the filter basket will need to be emptied of debris.


Water Balance

Untreated, or improperly treated water can be a health threat. Chemically balanced and sanitised water, on the other hand, will provide a healthy and visually appealing environment for you, your family and friends.  We will test water alongside your pool with a computerised system and add all chemicals according to results.

Is your swimming pool in need of maintenance or repair service? 

Contact us and we will send one of our mobile pool technicians to solve your problems.

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Type of Service  Description Price
Regular This is for customers that require us to call regularly either 2, 4, 6 8 or 12 weekly to suit your needs. $75.00 plus chemicals
Casual This is for customers that just want a service every now and then $85 plus chemicals
Green Pool  Pool green, maybe you can't see the bottom, well we can fix that, it will require a few visits and each pool is different so we will quote  Quote
Pool Cover Installation  If you purchase your Daisy pool cover and /or roller from us we will cut and install  $160.00
New Equipment Installation When you purchase a new pump, chlorinator, or filter from us we will install $85.00 plus parts
Equipment Troubleshooting Having problems get one of our experienced Pool Technicians to fix it for you $85 first hour
New Pool Owner Service & Run Down Just brought a house with a pool, not sure on what you need to do or how to work your equipment, then we can come and do a casual service plus also give you a rundown on your pool and how to care for it $85.00 plus chemicals
Tenant Handover Do you have a rental house with a swimming pool?  Then we offer a service where we will service the pool to get it up to standard for tenant to take over and also give the tenants a rundown on how they should care for your pool. $85.00 plus chemicals
Rental House Regular Services If you have tenants in your rental house, you can organise to have us regularly service the pool and we send the service charge to you or your property manager and charge the chemicals to the tenants.

$75.00 for Service to Owner

Chemical Charged to Tenant

 Holiday Pool Services  Going away on holiday?  Don't want to come home to a green pool?  Book us to service while you are away and/or just before you come home?  $85.00 for first visit $60.00 for subsequent services, plus chemicals
 Pool Equipment Troubleshooting  Got a problem with your pool equipment ie:  pump, filter etc, save time and money by getting our mobile service to troubleshoot and repair as necessary.  $85.00 for first hour plus parts, quotes will be given for parts over $50.00
 Installation of New Pool Equipment Need a new Pump / Filtration or  Chlorinator  installed? Contact us for a competitive quote
 Black Spot or Stain Removal Pool surface not looking so good, get us around to do a casual service and we will treat your staining or black spot algae problem at the same time.   $85.00 plus chemicals