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Spa and Swimming Pool Filter Maintenance

Posted by Posted by Julie R. Thank you to our Supplier for this Information Magnum Pool Cartridges (NZ) on 20th Jun 2019 on

It is vital your filter cartridge is maintained correctly to maximize its life and usefulness.

The importance of a well maintained cartridge

The life of a filter cartridge depends on how you treat it.

Filter clogging is caused by soaps, chemicals, perspiration, body fats, oils and fine particles of dust or dirt.

Maximise the life of your filter

There are specific things you can do to maximise the life of your filter:

  • Maintain the pool water chemistry in proper balance.
  • Clean the cartridge in accordance with its cleaning instructions.
  • Do not scrub the filter with a stiff brush.
  • Do not use a high pressure hose.
  • Rotate two cartridges to prolong the life of the filters considerably.

Instructions for cleaning your filter cartridge

All cartridge filters should be cleaned at least every 2 months (we advise 1 monthly during the Qld Summer). If you follow these cleaning procedures you will ensure the maximum life of the cartridge:

  • Remove the cartridge from the filter housing or skimmer box.
  • Wash the filter using a garden hose working from the top down. Do not use a high pressure hose or a brush.
  • Soak the cartridge for at least an hour (overnight is preferable) in a cartridge cleaning solution / filter degreaser which you can purchase in-store.
  • Rinse the cartridge once more with a hose to remove any remaining oils or cleaning solution.

Eventually your cartridge filter will block and will need to be replaced - usually within 1 to 2 years - depending on the amount of use.

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