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Phosphates- Problems and How to Remove Them From Your Pool

Posted by Julie R. on


Q: What problems can phosphate cause?

A: Phosphate is a major food source for algae. If you have phosphate in the water algae is sure to follow. Phosphate also prevents other chemicals from working at their most effective levels. These include algaecides, chlorine, salt chlorination and all other sanitisers.

Q: Where does phosphate come from?

A:Phosphates come from leaves, fertilizers, and bather wastes such as sweat and urine. Other phosphates sources are detergents, some insecticides, soft drinks, toothpaste and even some pool chemicals. In the majority of cases, the presence of phosphate indicates that this is likely to be an ongoing problem. This is a good reason to dose a phosphate affected pool regularly with STARVER.

Q: How do I prevent Phosphates from getting in my Pool?

A: FIRSTLY – try not to allow runoff from lawns, landscaping or washing decks to enter the pool.

SECONDLY – try and remove leaves and other rubbish etc from the pool regularly.

Q: I know that STARVER removes phosphates from the water but why do I need STARVER if I can’t see algae?

A: If your pool water sample tests positive for phosphate then, unfortunately, you have all the ammunition in your pool for algae spores to grow and multiply. When left untreated, phosphate provides the necessary food for new algae colonies to form.

Q: I know that I can see algae in my pool but my pool water has been tested for phosphate and there appears to be none there?

A:If you have algae in your pool, you can be sure that phosphates are present. If your pool sample has tested negative for phosphate this means that the phosphate has been consumed, and masked; by the algae and that is why it is not showing when a reading has been taken.

Q: I’ve got algae so why not just use an algaecide?

A:You’re right! You can treat algae very efficiently with the correct algaecide. You need to understand, however, that decaying algae actually increases the amount of phosphate in the water. New algae will, therefore, flourish even quicker and the problem becomes more difficult to combat. It makes sense to add STARVER and keep the phosphate level to a minimum.

Q: Should I add STARVER on a regular basis?

A:There are many sources of phosphate and these are being continually introduced into the pool water. It makes sense, therefore, to dose regularly and use STARVER as part of an ongoing maintenance program.

Q: Do I add STARVER directly to the water?

A:If you have a SAND FILTER it is best to add STARVER, via the pool skimmer direct to the filter, however if you have a CARTRIDGE FILTER it is better to add STARVER, directly to the pool water.

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