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Winter Preparation and Pool Maintenance Checklist

Posted by Julie R. on

The costliest mistake that we see year after year is when pools are neglected during the cooler months. Even though pools do not need the same amount of effort as they do during the Spring and Summer months, if we can winterise the pool and then do a small amount of regular maintenance it will mean that it not only looks good but also continues to operate well which may just save you costly repairs later on.

Also here in Queensland as soon as our summer storms hit we get an influx of pools that have gone green overnight, if we can encourage you to continue to get your water tested, keep the chlorine levels up, the pH stable and ensure your pool always has stabiliser and salt (if a salt pool to ensure your chlorinator can produce enough chlorine), then you will never be hit with that ugly, costly and time consuming green pool clean-up that does a lot of damage to your pool and equipment.

Here are our Checklist for Winter Pool Care:

1. Clean the Pool

a. Brush the walls and floor, then vacuum every couple of weeks to prevent algae from forming

b. Clear the skimmer and pump baskets of leaves to ensure your system filters effectively.

2. Test the water

a. pH - Keep the pH between 7.2 and 7.6 either by testing your water either at home or bring a sample that has been collected from elbow depth into the shop, acid will be required to keep this balanced.

b. Chlorine – Keep the chlorine levels between 2-3 ppm at all times

3. Clean the Filter

a. Whether you have a sand, or a cartridge filter still make sure your give this a regular clean as and grease or oil deposits harden in the cold weather and makes it much harder to clean once the warmer months come.

4. Shock the Pool

a. Use a shock treatment – regularly shocking your pool helps to remove chloramines from your pool, often when there is a high smell of chlorine it is not that the pool has too much chlorine but that there is a high level of chloramines in the water.

5. Add the Algaecide

a. The addition of a quality algae like Algon Hotzone / Winteriser is extremely effective in Queensland.

6. Reduce Running Times

a. Unlike the Summer months when you filter needs to run 8 hours to produce enough chlorine for your pool during winter we can reduce this to 3-4 hours, we run ours during the day as we have solar panels but if you do not you are able the run it during off-peak periods.

7. Cover the Pool

a. Get yourself a Pool Cover, not only do the keep the leaves out, but they also minimise water evaporation, which means less chemical wastage.

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