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Which Pool Cleaner should you buy for your Pool?

Posted by Julie R on

So you need to replace a current pool cleaner or are just sick of having to manually vacuum your pool, now you have to decide from the many great cleaners available which is the best one for you and your pool.

Pool Cleaners not only collect leaves pool but also the dust and fine particles floating in your pool. Which then inturn helps keep your pool sparkling clear.

We often visit pools when doing a mobile service to find a cheap lookalike pool cleaner is sitting discarded in the shed because they are more trouble than they are worth, don't get me wrong not all cheap cleaners are nasty but the majority of cleaners sold under $250 are useless and then try and get the replacement parts for them. 

Our advice is to go with a known brand, known in the pool industry that is and then you will be sure when you need to replace a mat or diaphragm in 2 years they are readily available.

So save yourself this drama and money and contact us for the best for the options that will suit your particular pool and lifestyle.

Three are 4 main types of Cleaners:

  1. Manual Pool Cleaning
  2. Suction Pool Cleaners
  3. Robotic Pool Cleaners
  4. In-Floor Pool Cleaning Systems

Manual Pool Cleaning

You will need:

  • Telescopic Pole
    • Vaccum Head
      • Pool Broom
        • Pool Leaf Rake
  • Manual Pool Cleaning Hose

This is a great option for people who love to spend time in the yard and is very effective if your pool does not have alot of leaves dropping into it.  This is the cheapest option as your initial cost will only be between $200 - $300 to set up.

However if you are like us and very time poor you do not want to spend your weekends vacuuming your pool and would rather be swimming in it, then the next option maybe for you.

Suction Pool Cleaners

As suction pool cleaner is like the commonly available Baracuda G2 or the Kreepy Krauly and many others.

This is where the cleaner connects to your vacuum plate in your skimmer box, the cleaner is connected via a automatic pool hose and when your pool pump comes on during the day automatically the cleaner starts vacuuming the leaves and debris on the bottom of your pool.  The leaves are then collected in the skimmer basket, which depending on the quantity of leaves in your area needs to be manually emptied.

Pricing for a decent Suction Cleaner varies from around $400 to $800,  many customers choose this option as it is a automatically cleans the pool for you so it is easy to maintain a clean pool.

But while this is a great and very common option it does not allow for surface cleaning, also it can be annoying trying to take a swim while the pool cleaner appears to be chasing you around the pool so it normally gets removed, and quite often from our kids they forget to put it back in.

Robotic Pool Cleaners

A Robotic Pool Cleaner is an awesome option for those who don't want to do much in the way of manual cleaning or are time poor.  These cleaners are totally independent of the pool filtration system which allows your skimmer box to do what it is intended for and skim the top of the waters surface.

Robotic Cleaners brush the floors and depending on the brand and model will also brush the walls and waterline of the pool.

You need to empty the sock, basket or cartridge depending on brand as needed.  

In-Floor Pool Cleaning

So if you are about to build a new pool then this may be the solution for you as these need to be installed at time of construction.

Range of benefits including:

  • Pool will self clean all year round plus during normal filtration hours
  • No additional equipment is required around the pool making it clutter free
  • Can handle very high debris levels
  • Assists in heating and circulation throughout the pool
  • Versatile for all pool designs

However with prices starting around $9,500 depending on the brand, warranty and size of the pool, also In-floor cleaning systems also add to the power bill and cannot clean the walls of the pool, only the water and loose debris.

There are a couple of other things to consider:

  • The surface of you pool, ie not all cleaners will work in Vinyl swimming pools
  • The shape and the style of steps in your pool design, as some cleaners have trouble maneuvering around some pools.

If you need help with your decision or have any questions please contact us