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Caring for you Saltwater Swimming Pool

Posted by Julie R. on

What is a Salt Water Chlorinator?

Basically it is a piece of equipment installed alongside your filter equipment that makes chlorine out of salt water, and then sends that back to your pool, to keep it healthy and clear.

Why Install a Saltwater Chlorinator?

We will always advise our customers to install a Chlorinator on their swimming pools if they currently have a Liquid Chlorine pool, as who enjoys paying for liquid chlorine monthly, carting drums of chlorine home and then having to manually add to the pool, then find you have run out when you really need it.  Salt water pools makes this problem disappear.  Saltwater Pools are so much easier to care for but even so sometimes even saltwater pools will have water problems, but they are normally pretty easily fixed.

How to Care for Your Saltwater Swimming Pool?

The main and extremely important key to keeping your pool happy and healthy for your family is to get monthly water testing in-store by a pool professional.  We provide this service FREE and are happy to answer any other questions you have about your pool at the same time.  We advise this because it means you have to work less, spend less and enjoy your pool more. If you can do this regularly it really does prevent problems before they start.

Instore we use a computerised water testing analysis equipment so no guessing is involved, the water balance is critical for your expensive equipment to work properly without being damaged by out of balance water.